Laura Hack, co-president

Director of Elementary Education & Curriculum

Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation

laura hack

Dr. Laura Hack currently serves as the Director of Elementary Education and Curriculum in the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation. Her passion is leading others to their own growth by offering professional development opportunities for teachers, school leaders, parents, and other community members. Dr. Hack understands the barriers that face our schools today in regards to teaching, and devotes time and energy to making schools a place where all are leaders of their own learning. Her common sense approach to working with all stakeholders resonates with those that work with her. She is a practitioner first, who is grounded in research. She examines barriers that are in our schools today and challenges stakeholders to rethink their learning environment, approach, and delivery.

Dr. Hack is a public school educator with twenty-six years serving as teacher, principal, Title 1 Director, and a district administrator. Laura is currently developing Professional Learning Communities in her district with the focus of enhancing a collaborative environment that supports both teachers and students to be successful. For her leadership, Laura was named Aspiring Leader by the Indiana School Principals Association while continuing to serve as a board officer for the Indiana Curriculum and Instruction Association. She also continues to examine work in the field of diabetes in schools which was the focus of her research work for her doctorate.